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It takes two baby…


We are sure you have some questions about the founding partners that make up SoulNia.  Kamiya is an Air Force veteran, a student, and a woman of color who grew up eating southern soul food; recipes passed down from parent to child for generations. Tess is from Northern California, graduated with a degree in kinesiology, and grew up with a deep family tradition of cooking in a multitude of different ways. Together, we are your blessed vegetarian chefs!


The southern cuisine that we prepare is a staple in almost every black household in America and goes back to this country's inception with roots from west Africa as well as native populations. Growing up with this food, Kamiya understood early on importance of flavor but also of how heavy traditional soul food can make the body feel. Obesity, heart disease and other affiliated symptoms of poor diet were reflected in not only her family but in her community as well. The food we covet and love so much wasn’t giving our bodies the nourishment they required.


Just the two of us…


We created SoulNia, which translates literally to "soul purpose", because it is our soul purpose to re-create how we as a society consume soul food; still eating our favorites, but with an emphasis on nutrient rich plant based meals without sacrificing flavor. With family recipes and mutual backgrounds in rich flavorful cooking and nutrition, we are able to create a menu that satisfies your palate while nourishing your body!


We are currently hosting pop-up and catering experiences across Denver that are dedicated to educating people about our brand and soul food. Our goal is to put an emphasis on health, flavor and sustainability focusing on Denver's unique community.

Our Vision

Changing the way soul food is consumed in our minds and our bellies.


  • Sustainability

  • Family

  • Storytelling

Praise for SoulNia


Facebook Review, Sheena

Great food and great people!! What more could you ask for


Facebook Recommendation, Crystal

I had the privilege of trying the greens and corn bread. Wow! They both tasted fantastic! I usually don't like vegetarian food because at times it lacks flavor and it's even dry at times. But these two items tasted amazing, I was VERY pleasantly surprised! Not only was the food amazing but so were the chefs. You can tell there's a lot of thought, detail and pride behind every dish they serve. Loved the experience!


Facebook Recommendation, Olivia

Amazing, flavorful food! I can't recommend them enough. The Curried Cauliflower is a must-try!!!!

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